Avoca Valley approved cattery
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What is AsureQuality?
The cattery

AsureQuality Limited is a commercial company 100% owned by the New Zealand Government. They operate the only current boarding kennel and cattery approval programme.

The AsureQuality Approval Programme is voluntary, and to become approved you need to meet their strict criteria. These criteria are in place to ensure that your pet is cared for in a safe and comfortable environment and by staff who really care about your animal's well-being.

All AsureQuality Approved Kennels and Catteries are inspected on a regular basis by independent and impartial inspectors who have no commercial link to the pet boarding industry.

Any kennel or cattery advertising any other approval programme is referring to previous schemes (i.e. Boarding Kennel & Cattery Association of New Zealand, or Agri Quality). These programmes are no longer in operation so the facilities will not be inspected.

More information can be found at petboarding.co.nz.


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